Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My SwEeT MeMoRiEs

for the first time I use this blog.. so I want to take you all to dive into my school life..

                                                          This is my secondary school...


I studied in this school from 2003 until 2007. i have a lot of my memories during their stay at this school.
I started to get into this school during Form 1. I staying at the hostel.

now.. let me show u my classmate when i form 2 (2004)

so.. this is all my classmate.. 2 Bestari 1...

hahhaa... its me with my friends... i dont remember when this picture was taken...

This picture was taken on the Pangkor Island....

This trips led by my class teacher that teacher Hamidah and Puan Rosliza... if i not wrong..if i not mistaken,This is my trips during form 3 .. after PMR ...

hahhaa.... now this picture was taken at Genting Highland...
i think, this picture when i form 2... this is trips to all cooperative school superintendent.. This trips led by  that En, Firdaus bin Din  and and En. Firdaus bin Abdul Halim..

The Arena Of Stars Genting Highlands

I am a formerly active in sports. from Form 1 I have been very active .. such as athletics and handball ..

                                                 My position on this is handball left wing

so... this is all my handball team members...
This team has a lot of excellent achievement in inter-school handball tournament. including first place at the district level, and second place at the state level. besides that .. there are also a number of team members who will represent the state of Penang for national handball tournament.

now this is my team members of Dikir Barat 

for the first time our school wins tournament.. we got second places... alhamdulillah... this group organize by Puan faezah and ustazah Mardziah..

                                         now my story about my friend when i form 4 and form 5...
                                                         this is my friends,,,, 4 science 1,,
                                                       Fathin..Fara Afiza... zira n amirah

                                                                     fara Afiza n Najwa..

now.. this is the first BBQ we mad before SPM...hehe.. so simple...

 this is all male students in 5 science 1.. only 6 person... but.. we all very happy... peace..

zafarudin n Hafez Khuzairi.... this 2 person is the best student in SMKPTJ
 .                                  all this picture was taken 1 day before we start SPM.. hehe,,,,
                                                                      This is my dorm... Dorm UMAR

now i want to show u all about my life in hostel...

This is my dorm.. Dorm Umar

me n Hafez Khuzairi

me n Halim... we fly.... hehe

With all my Junior... 

                                                             the Hero in Hostel SMKPTJ

                                        on every Friday .. we all have to wear "Baju Melayu " and "sampin" .

                                                            we all with our Hostel Warden
                                                         Chief Hostel warden.. En. Hazman Musa

                            this is  Abdul Halim Chief Student Hostel... hansome.. :) korean man

My Trophies

so.. i dont know what to say but.. what i can say is I really enjoy and happy with my school life..many sweet and bitter experience I have gained. many also my talents that I have highlighted and many awards as well as I could, but not in academic .. but in the field of sports .. such as school athlete in 2004 and 2006,, hehe... i love.. n miss all this moment....

before you all leave this page.. come n watch this video..This video I made during form 5 (2007)

thanks for reading this page.


  1. ^_^ miss the old sweet memories. safely buried in our soul. (^_^)Y

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