Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Global Warming - the Earth is getting warmer!!!!!!

Do we realize that the earth is getting warmer????

Global warming phenomenon widely discussed. Protocol by protocol issued many resolutions ... resulting in all international conferences organized by international bodies, but it's still no result. Powers like the United States has failed to comply with the Kyoto Protocol on grounds that it will destroy the world police state economy.

Global warming ... what causes?
Many think global warming occurs as a result of human pollution caused by discharge harmful gases such as chlorine and carbon monoxide into the air. These gases react with the ozone layer thus on past atmosphere eroding. Then, more sunlight to penetrate the earth, and bum hotter. This traditional view is quite popular .... and it was right, of why the earth is getting warmer.

But do you know that pollution (read release gas) produced by humans (industrial & physiology) actually only accounts for about 5% of the air pollution. Factor greater pollution is volcanic eruptions, natural decay process materials such as leaves, animals, etc. into the ground, evaporating the water in the sea and much more. All of this release harmful gases into the air in much larger quantities.

Other factors that can be attributed to why the earth to heat up is a description of the solar activity will reach its maximum level in this year 2012. Currently, a great many solar eruptions occur on the surface of the sun, as well as a series of small-scale magnetic storm recorded by NASA and ESA. This factor may not be as popular as the factor that made human industrial pollution, because not many people know of this incident.

Layer in the earth's crust that is getting heat also is said to be a contributing factor of global warming. Earth's core is said to be quite stable at present due to a series of large earthquakes that occurred several years. Instability is also due to the influence of "magnetic force" and "pole shift" now hit the earth (or will happen). Scientists are still studying this phenomenon up close and in detail.

Ok. Leave fleeting things "traditional" about global warming. Try to think much further, in the context of their own planet ... why it gets hotter?

A series of studies (previously published as a documentary a few years ago - but not in Malaysia tv station) once and being done by some of the leading scientists of the world, in some places on this earth. Data on the Earth's temperature has been collected and analyzed, and the results are quite surprising and a heated debate some time ago.

 In certain periods of time, the surface of the earth was going to be hot, to a peak before it starts back down. This is recorded in the 1930's, around 1963-1971 and before the millennium. Warming occurred from the elements of the earth itself (core earth) before heading back down. There are some scientists theorize that this is actually a way to stabilize the structure and the earth is a matter not to worry.

Phenomena that occur there 1930's strong evidence that the Earth's temperature when increased dramatically for several years until it reaches the peak point, before the global decline continuously, so instill fear the advent of a new ice age at that time. Most countries in Europe covered with snow throughout the year (the country near the poles such as Norway, Denmark etc.).

Is warming is happening this time also tag? where the earth will again be cool gradually after reaching the peak heating and core return to be stable? It is very exciting to be debated ....

Whatever the case, be a responsible to the earth. Reduce the use of plastics, chemicals and recycling command. A little donation tremendous honor for the coming generation.


                                                             " LoVe OuR EaRtH"

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